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 by Christian von der Eltz Public Relations 2021 Summary
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Using Rights and Media Law
To build strategic Public Relations can be a fundamental measure to create and to support a career. Any career. Finally it is a question of image, personality and awareness level. An awareness level with attention and influence requires for physical presence in business surroundings but also in the surrounding of a society and in social life. On the other hand a pure virtual presence cannot be successful. There will come the day to show face. But it starts with a story people can see, proof and like. And this is not a facebook like… This „like“ creates attention and real recognition. All this is a very individual and complex scheme. Nobody is the same. Everybody follows their own targets. For that every PR-Story is different. Every client who starts this should know, from this moment he or she starts a public life. There are things to do. We call it „goes“ and there are „no goes“. This is one of our responsibilities to guide and to explain to clients „the rules of a public life“. The responsibility of clients is to support us with information and time investment to create a running PR-Story. Media content production and media content distribution is a pre-condition for a high awareness level.
Creative and quality PR Photos with enough quantity are the key to become capable of acting.
The IMDB should cover all necessarily basic themes plus current stories to keep the running PR media content production.
Here we give clients some inspiring ideas for Stories and Photo Shoots. Think about it.
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